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Life at Højskolen Mors

Who and what is Højskolen Mors?




About us

Højskolen Mors/Folk High School Mors is a cultural residential school with main subjects in Music, Film Making, Theatre, Outdoor, Ceramics and Perma Culture. We are a bording school, which means you eat, sleep and study at the school. The typical age is between 18-28. Here we have no exams and you choose all your subjects based on your own interests. We believe that learning should come from curiosity and we want to encourage our students to discover new sides of themselves. Our classes are in english, however politics and creative writing is in danish hence, these will only be available for danish students. Our danish students will help translate messages during lunch as well as our morning assembly. Entry level: You need to understand og speak english - your writing skills are not important. A Danish Folk High School is open for everyone over the age of 18, regardless of your educational background.

The rooms are furnished with a nice bed, a desk, and a closet. You are free to arrange the room to your liking.

All inclusive 

The course price covers food, lodging and all subjects while you are here. We have the most amazing kitchen! It's possible to be vegan and vegetarian. højskoleHere you get breakfast, lunch and dinner served every day! Perma Culture) provide us with delicious, home-grown vegetables. In addition to the daily main meals, afternoon buns and an occasional small cake are served.


How we use our spare time

På dit højskoleophold er der rig mulighed for at dyrke dine interesser i fritiden. Vi har et varmtvandsbassin, et hyggeligt .table tennis, football table, we go for a run, we relaxe in the pool, play music and much more! 


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Højskolen Mors | Salgerhøjvej 36 | 7900 Nykøbing Mors | Denmark 

Mail: info@hoejskolenmors.dk 

Phone: +45 88 77 97 20

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