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How is life at a Folk High School?

Hvordan er hverdagen på et højskoleophold på Højskolen Mors?


This is how we live

During your folk high school stay, you will live in a single, double or triple room in one of our three student houses: Bjerget, Bakken and Dalen. In the houses there is a cozy sofa area, a small kitchenette with refrigerator and microwave and newly renovated, shared bathrooms. Few rooms have their own shower and toilet. In each house there are 10 rooms - all with the most beautiful nature right outside the window, where deer often pass by.

The rooms are furnished with bed, wardrobe and desk. It is also in the houses that you will find washer and dryer for free use. In addition, we have a small kiosk with everything from toothpaste to chips that can sweeten your high school stay.

På Højskolen Mors kan du ønske både kønsopdelt eller kønsneutralt værelse. 

Hvis du ønsker at bo på kønsopdelt værelse, og din kønsidentitet ikke afspejles af dit CPR-nummer, skriver du blot dette ved tilmelding, så vi kan tildele dig et værelse med det køn, du identificerer dig som. 

This is how we eat 

The course price covers food, lodging and all subjects while you are on Højskolen Mors.On a daily basis, we serve food three times a day from our delicious, organic cuisine. On weekends and holidays there is breakfast and dinner so you can get up later. We go to great lengths to serve healthy and inspiring food from local ingredients and to reduce food waste. In the long run, our perm garden (which you will work with in the subject Perma Culture) provide us with delicious, home-grown vegetables. In addition to the daily main meals, afternoon buns and an occasional small cake are served.


This is what we do in our sparetime

During your high school stay, there is plenty of opportunity to cultivate your interests in your free time. We have a hot water pool, a cozy creative space, board game lounge, table tennis, soccer field and a cinema! In our backyard is Salgjerhøj - a great place to be alone. The beach is 5 minutes from the school and there is also the opportunity to go many beautiful walks in the beautiful nature. Last but not least, we also have a student bar, which provides fun parties on the weekends. High school parties are something very special. Students manage the weekends and plan the weekend's theme and activities. We do not drink alcohol in everyday life, as it is important that everyone attends the lessons, so that music does not lack their drummer. In return, we give that gas on the weekends! Most students choose to stay at the folk high school every weekend, but it is of course possible to go home if you wish. 

Language on the courses

At Højskolen Mors we speak both danish and English. and .

Study trip – this is how we travel
When we go on a study trip, we work to travel as sustainably as possible. The study trip went in 2021 to Rome by bus. It was a great cozy way to travel, where the trip itself was an experience! In Rome we were
among other things, to a wine tasting at a wine castle, we recorded music in the Scene Music Studio, we visited Europe's largest movie city, played live concert in the middle of the city and much, much more.   

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