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This is why you should choose outdoor life

Højskolen Mors is located in the most beautiful nature on Nord Mors close to the forest and the Limfjord (which is the shallow part of the danish sea). In the subject Outdoor life we get to explore the local area on foot, by bike and at sea. We will of course go on several trips across the bridge and explore National Park Thy and Cold Hawaii in Klitmøller. You get to spend tons of hours in a kayak, in a shelter, on the back of a surfboard and in the bubbling forest floor. We have to hike, kayak and generally be in the beautiful nature that Mors and Thy can offer.

In Outdoor Life, we explore different views of nature, mindsets and approaches to challenges as well as experience different extremes on our own body. Shelter, warmth and food are the three survival factors. If you are crazy about the outdoor life, we promise you that you'll only get even crazier with air under your wings, water under your feet and treetops over your head after a trip to Højskolen Mors. 

Would you be able to manage on your own in nature? The goal of the outdoor life subject is to get your own experiences through the many aspects it requires by staying in nature. And feel safe about having to go on a trip in a group or on your own.

Outdoor life is the subject for you who enjoy the fresh air, love outdoor activities and would like to use the nature as your playground. If you can can't get enough of being out in the open, the subject Perma Cultureis perhaps also a subject, that you'll love. 

NOTE: In Outdoor Life, there is a supplement of DKK 99€ in total in addition to the course price

Morten valdemar dahl

Morten valdemar dahl

Teaches Outdoor Life

Hvis du synes, du har svært ved at finde Morten inde på skolen, giver det god mening. Han er nemlig oftere at finde i en trætop, på ryggen af et surfbord eller skruet ned i en kajak, end han er på læreværelset. Morten er definitionen af outdoor og friluftsliv: Han er surfinstruktør (både i SUP, paddel og windsurf), klatreinstruktør, kajakinstruktør, mountainbikeinstruktør, dykkerinstruktør, livredder og jagtlærer. Med andre ord: Der er ikke den aktivitet ude under åben himmel, som Morten ikke har ekspertise i.

Morten has previously taught at after-schools, surf courses, seminars and as a nature guide. He is very concerned that the outdoor profession should be accessible to everyone. Whether you've slept more in a shelter than in a bed, or whether you don't own a pair of rubber boots: Morten meets you at your level, will make Outdoor the time of your life!

Phone: 21 26 32 50

Email: mortenvaldemar@hotmail.com

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