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Theater & acting

This is why you should choose Theater & Acting


The main subject Theater & Acting is a course in the basic technical principles of theater and dramaturgy as well as different types of creative processes in the world of theater. You will experience an exciting journey of discovery through the theatrical toolbox, in a safe environment with our skilled teachers. 

Theater is about presence and expression, technique and play, discipline and improvisation, body and language, group work and collective creation. We work with boats TRAINING and CREATIVE PROJECTS, in an intense and focused atmosphere, where a safe and intimate group relationship is essential, and where everything relies on both individual freedom and shared responsibility. 

training and technique


  • Theater training provides a bodily experience of the play's fundamental tools and principles with elements from different techniques and theater traditions (Stanislavski, Grotowski, theater anthropology, Viewpoints, Suzuki, pantomime, clown, mask theater, storytelling, theater sports, etc.).
  • We work with everything from:

    • PHYSIODRAMATICS: Energy, intention, action, relationship, musicality and space.
    • VOICEACTING:Words and voice.
    • FIGURE AND CHARACTER: Composition and psychology.
    • TEXT WORK: Memory techniques, the actor's dramaturgy, interpretation and text.
    • IMPROVISATION:With body, language and much more.

The courses level


  • The course is designed for you who are an ambitious actor who may want to prepare you for a possible entrance exam at the School of Performing Arts, but also for you who want to try yourself in something completely new or get to know theater ..  


    TEACHER IN Theater & Acting


     “Seeing the individual develop humanly and artistically is what makes sense in my work - the theater teaching must be exciting and surprising.

    Pierangelo is a theater teacher, director, theater researcher and playwright who, among other things, has taught at the Danish School of Performing Arts in Aarhus. He has also, as a theater director, spearheaded the experimental theater Altamira since 2010, and he was for a number of years assistant director to the famous theater director Eugenio Barba at the Odin Theater. In addition, he has taught at theaters and universities in Rome, Grenoble, Tehran, Beijing, Aarhus and locally.at Limfjordsteatrets talentcourse 

    Pierangelo also teaches preparatory courses for entrance exams at the Danish School of Performing Arts, as well as at Højskolen Mors' subjects The actors ABC and Performance.


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