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Derfor skal du vælge Filosofihistorie


Political philosophy is about what ideas we can choose to follow when it comes to arranging the best society. We look at important political philosophical positions and address some important ethical dilemmas that arise when one begins to discuss justice, freedom, welfare.   


Nikolai Seidelin

Nikolai Seidelin

Principal and teacher

Nikolai is a trained mag.art. in history of ideas from Aarhus University and Eberhard-Karl's University of Tübingen.

“Philosophy has always been a passion in my life. I have books everywhere and love to open a book, flip through a page and disappear into a philosophical world. Philosophy poses basic questions to life. These are questions that are at once characterized by the time they have been asked, but through the apparent dust a topicality shines through that will not leave us alone. Philosophy is about us being moved by our existence, by our encounter with other people, by the universe, by life to reflect on it ”.   



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