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What is the values on a Danish Folk High School? 


Community, freedom and immersion!


On our Danish Folk High School the creative human being is in the center. We want to create space for the poetic and artistic, we want to expand our horizons historically and philosophically, we want to sharpen our reflection and judgment through conversation and contemplation. There must be room to explore how to deal with the challenges that our contemporaries pose to us. We want to be a place with human spaciousness, great professional pride and work actively with sustainability.

We work to expand the freedom for the individual through empowerment in all areas of life, through knowledge and skills, in party and everyday life, in poetry and prose. A place where courage, enlightenment and viability are the core. We want to create a place where there's great possibility to think big thoughts, where there is room for the lively conversation, carried by mutual respect.

We want to create a space for democratic dialogue, where you learn to listen to those with whom you disagree. A community where you can experiment and play - where there is room for error, and where you can challenge each other and yourself.

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We want to be equipped to launch projects and take responsibility for the democratic society of which we're a part of. We want students to go into the world and propagate what they have gained through zest for life, insight and knowledge in the contexts in which they become part of Højskolen Mors. In the same way, the folk high school can become a platform that old students and course participants can return to and use later in their lives. We live in a nature, that we must actively take care of - therefore sustainability is a natural part of the foundation of Højskolen Mors. Højskolen Mors is also a regional school. We have a wonderful and unique nature, and we want to convey and use the area that we are part of with its special nature and cultural traditions, so that the folk high school appears locally rooted. We must be a place that is open to neighbors and school districts and be an active partner for the municipality. To go to Højskolen Mors is to go to an island that has been torn out of the flow of time so that it can better reflect and reflect the present.


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