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World music

This is why you should choose wold music

If you choose world music, you get a tour of the world every week. We will travel around the globe and dive into exotic rhythms, songs and musical traditions.

We are going to feel the pulse of Brazil. We will play life-affirming dance music from Cuba and we will explore the intensity of klezmer and Balkan music. The folk music of all countries has a history and a tradition that carries the people's self-understanding. That is why we also get into cultural aspects of music. It is a subject where the joy of music is the mainstay.

In the subject of world music, there are challenges and room for everyone, no matter how much you have played music before. So take a trip around the world with the music once a week. It is . which gives immediate joy of life, in other words it is a subject you will fall in love with!

Er du helt tosset med musik? På Højskolen Mors kan du dykke seriøst ned i musikkens verden med musik på skemaet hver evigt eneste dag. Vælg Music som hovedfag og suppler med de mange musik-sidefag, der kan vælges på Højskolen Mors: Musikteori, stemmetræning, worldmusic . kor 

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Teatcher in worldmusic


To me playing world music is a source of happiness. I am curious as a musician and as a human being and I find it exciting to get to know other music cultures.  

I have a great passion for Cuban music! I have toured with Cuban songwriter Eric Mendez 6 times in Denmark and Cuba and recorded with him on his latest album. In world music we have to taste Brazilian music, Cuban, klezmer music and folk music styles.   

I am mostly a drummer and have played everywhere in Denmark, in various bands. I do not care about genres, I'm more interested in whether there is something going on in the music. I've played everything from jazz, latin, rock, blues, irish, funk, singer songwriter, pop to indie rock. In addition to playing drums, I play piano, bass and guitar.


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