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Perma Culture

Do you want to learn to live more sustainably? Make your climate footprint on the planet smaller? Getting smarter on Zero Waste? Then Højskolen Mors' subject on Permaculture might be for you! At Permakultur, we work to create a sustainable culture. Today's ecological, biodiversity and climate crisis requires solutions for how we produce food, treat our earth and where we get our energy from - and this is exactly the solution you can become wiser about how YOU can be a port of in Permaculture at Højskolen Mors. 

Permaculture is a holistic method that can provide answers to contemporary challenges. In the permaculture subject, we talk about ecology, landscape, construction, horticulture, architecture and forestry with the aim of creating versatile and sustainable life forms characterized by diversity and stability. At Højskolen Mors we have planted our own garden, which is grown exclusively according to perma principles, and therefore there is a good possibility for getting the philosophy of permaculture under the nails already fromthe‘ første dag på dit ophold. 

The permaculture's methods, tools and joy of creating something together and also the pride of making an important difference, is something you can take home from Højskolen Mors and out into the world and apply. 

So beware - it can change your whole outlook on life and relationship with nature!

Oso Souki Bracho

Oso Souki Bracho

Underviser i Permakultur

Siden Oso for mere end 20 år siden var til sit første kursus i Permakultur, har hans hjerte banket for økologi, grøn energi, selvforsyning og lokale råvarer.
Oso boede i flere år i København, men kunne mærke, at han fra sin lille lejlighed ikke kunne gøre det, han brændte for, for klimaet – at sortere skrald var simpelthen ikke nok! Derfor flyttede Oso og hans familie til Mors og påbegyndte deres økologiske, bæredygtige landbrug, der tager udgangspunkt i perma-principperne. Oso er derfor mester til at undervise praktisk og hands on i Permakultur.

Oso is passionate about motivating the high school's students to live more sustainably and to create a food culture at Højskolen Mors that contributes positively to the climate, the environment and the green transition.

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